Living Alaska!

Living Alaska!
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Alaska! Wild, free, untamed, rugged and sometimes dangerous. 

Nearly everyone dreams of seeing Alaska. Countless lucky adventurers make that dream a reality every year. 

As Alaskans, we have the privilege of living, loving, and raising our families here. We climb mountains, backpack, and camp. We snorkel and scuba dive. We kayak with sea lions and humpbacks. We run races in the rain, and take December dips in the ocean. We gather herring eggs, huckleberries, bog cranberries, and seaweed. We harvest subsistence sockeye salmon and we brew devil’s club and Labrador teas. We land big halibut and have conversations with brown bears on the trails and in our gardens. We gulp in the briny smell of the sea while listening to the crackling Northern lights. Alaska is our home! Alaska is our family. Alaska is our neighbors and our neighborhood. As members of the 57 Peaks team, we’ve done our best to capture the essence of what it means to be Alaskan and what it means to experience Alaska. Our designs and our products celebrate the spirit of Alaska, Alaskans, and the good things we share with humanity and nature around the world.


When you shop at 57 Peaks, we hope you feel like you’re in Alaska, because in a way you are! Slip into Alaska, wear Alaska, feel the spirit of Alaska, live Alaska. You may not be physically present, but our products will remind you of one of the best places on Earth, some of the most beautiful creations from around the world, and some of the best parts of being human. Make sure you leave your email address with us so we can stay in touch. We’ll keep you up to date on our newest designs, products, and specials.


If you’ve got suggestions or ideas for our store, send us a message or an email. We’d love to hear from you. We'd also love to see photos of you wearing or using our products. Submit photos! Write reviews! The more love you show us, the more love we can put into 57 Peaks!  

With appreciation from Alaska,

Brett, Kris, and the rest of Team 57 

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