Custom Leggings

Have you ever wanted to turn a great photo . . .

. . . into a great pair of leggings?

Today's your lucky day!

We now provide custom designed 57 Peaks leggings for our customers.

Here's how it works.

1. Email one or more high quality and high resolution images to Tell us how you envision the design. is a great way to email large files.

2. We will review your image(s) and let you know whether it will work. (Many images will not work because they are too small, not in focus, or not consistent with our standards.)

3. If approved, you will pay a $100 to $300 non-refundable design fee depending on the time it will take to complete the design. (The design fee will increase from $150 to $400 from November 1st through December 31st, ). Add 20% for Yoga Leggings.

4. We create the design and place it online for your review within 5 days. Your design will include the 57 Peaks logo inside the waistband. Your design will be displayed in the "Custom Leggings" collection and will include your first name and last initial in the name of the design. For example, Kris' custom designed leggings are named "For Kris W Custom Leggings".

5. We recommend that you first buy one pair of your design to see if you like it. Then you can buy several pair for the holidays or send the link to your family and friends with your unique 40% OFF discount code for your design.

6. Leave your design online or ask us to remove it from 57 Peaks.

Your design will be visible to the public. Other people will see it and although it is not likely, they could buy it.

Keep in mind that designing appealing images for leggings is difficult. Take a look at the following template, think of your favorite image, and ask yourself, "Will this image fit and look good on this template?"

57 Peaks is known primarily for its focus on nature and art. Our designs are wholesome and appropriate for all ages. Custom designs must be consistent with these standards.

Let the fun begin!

Kris and Brett
57 Peaks
Sitka, Alaska

Call or text: 907.623.8218

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